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You’ve invited friends and family for a festive dinner, and are wondering how to best create a memorable occasion by setting the perfect table setting and serving your well planned meal.

The dining room is completely spiffed up and looking its best, the table is set with your finest china, silver, drinkware, candles and overall lighting sets. The atmosphere and your choice of music is befitting the mood you are creating for your guests.

On average, most people own 8 to 12 place settings of their finest china inherited from their family or given to them as a wedding gift. Otherwise, they were registered at or with Park Avenue Gifts and selected and bought an item they fell in love with. Whether it is due to a manufacturer, a pattern, a shape or a favorite color. Pending on the size of your family, now or in your planned future, your desire to entertain your friends should assist in determining the amount of settings you should consider. You may also want an additional place setting in case of breakage or given the possibility of a discontinuation of your pattern. Typically, a place setting consists of one each: a dinner plate, a salad or dessert plate, a bread and butter plate or a soup bowl, and a cup and saucer or a mug, depending on if it is a very casual or a more formal china set. Naturally, serving pieces are needed. At the very least a 15″ serving platter, 2 open vegetable dishes, a covered sugar and a creamer.

Of course, you also need to coordinate your china selection with flatware/silverware,  which is usually sold in 5 piece place settings and consists of 1 each: a dinner knife, a dinner fork, a soup spoon, a salad fork and teaspoon.
Similarly to your china selection, flatware also has basic serving pieces, usually sold in a 5 piece serving set and consisting of one each: a serving fork and a serving spoon spoon, a gravy ladle, a sugar shell, and a butter knife. When selecting silver plated, sterling or certain, more high end stainless steel utensils, you will find that there are many additional and available pieces for almost any specific type of eating or serving purpose.

Since you may want to have a toast with your guests to celebrate the moment, proper drinkware is necessary. Again, at Park Avenue Gifts, you have an array of choices. Wine, beer, champagne, and water glasses are the very basics, which are all offered here. Your choice of drinkware also needs to harmonize with and compliment your china and flatware selection, for an overall coordinated table presentation, which might be traditional, contemporary, modern or just artsy, acts an expression of yourself. It is not the easiest task to select and set your table to your and your guests liking. Time and effort is important on this task and Park Avenue Gifts will satisfy your needs at the lowest price.

Happy Entertaining and Bon Appétit.

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