Royal Copenhagen Dishes and Dinnerware – The Ultimate Trustworthy Hub of Porcelain Items

Park Avenue Gifts Royal Copenhagen Dishes and Dinnerware   The Ultimate Trustworthy Hub of Porcelain ItemsIf one is looking for elegant porcelain creations made of “fine china or fine porcelain”, then one cannot miss selecting Royal Copenhagen dinnerware.

Royal Copenhagen is a Danish 1st class distinctive, worldwide-known, and cherished top of the line manufacturer of beautiful porcelain products for over 240 years.

How does Royal Copenhagen stand out to be one of the best?

Royal Copenhagen is one of the leading brands making fine china tableware. Here are a few points that make them unique.

  • Known for mostly because of the unique and beautiful blue coloured designs that are made on pure white dishes and other tableware.
  • Royal Copenhagen dishes and dinnerware include a wide range of tableware ranging from plates of different sizes, soup bowls, saucers, serving bowls, coffee cups or mugs, spoons and ladles and a lot more.
  • If one has special guests on dinner and one lays the table with Royal Copenhagen Dinnerware, it is sure to give the table an elegant look and definitely, making the dinner memorable.
  • Royal Copenhagen is also famous and known for its collectible figurines, Christmas plates and holiday ornaments.
  • Known and loved for their typical blue and white patterns, “Blue Fluted Mega, Plain, White, and Blue Fluted Half Lace, Princess and Elements”, are some of their distinctive creations.
  • One of the unique features of the Royal Copenhagen dishes is the royal crown on the bottom of the dishes. Hence, articles of this brand are never mistaken for another. Not only dishes, Royal Copenhagen dinnerware, and other items also carry the same watermark at their bottoms.
  • Flora Danica is a made-to-order pattern of the Royal Copenhagen is a unique design to mention about the brand. The pattern depicts more than 3000 of Nordic plants and flowers. The king of Denmark initially commissioned it as a gift from the Empress Catherina the Great of Russia, the famous collector of porcelain items. It is also known as one of the most prestigious dinner services to this day. This collection is designed with hand painting on white porcelain.
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  • Manufactured by Royal Copenhagen, a lot of porcelain dining table items and other creations are immensely popular. Some of the famous pieces of the collection are the gravy sauceboat, deep plate bowl, and covered soup tureen with underplate.  
  • The Flora Danica collection has to be pre-ordered by the customer and is never put up on sale or promoted. It takes about 12 weeks or more to get them delivered to the customer.
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Royal Copenhagen Dishes, Royal Copenhagen Dinnerware or any other article made by Royal Copenhagen are made of high-quality porcelain which lasts for a long time. Having a collection of Royal Copenhagen is surely an asset to its users. The elegant style and design make it stand out as one of the prized possessions of its kind.

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